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Sustaining Resilience for School Leadership

One-day workshops for headteachers: new dates coming soon Too busy to find time to stand back?  Juggling too many priorities?  Want to ensure a sustainable future for your leadership? This workshop is for you. In his book, Rethinking Educational Leadership,  John West-Burnham uses the metaphor of a reservoir to illustrate the impact of leaders constantly […]

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Developing resilience: begin with the brain

If you read my last contribution to #teacher5aday you will know that my mission is to support leaders to look after themselves in order to increase their capacity so that they have more energy for leadership and indeed for life.  If you think you’re making your best decisions after your 6th cup of coffee and […]

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Colluding with an unhealthy culture?

A recent piece in the Guardian asks the question. ‘Do you know what too fat looks like?’  The Guardian was reporting on a small-scale academic study in the US which led to the conclusion that women who are themselves overweight see only those noticeably more overweight than themselves as being ‘too fat’.  Their judgement is […]

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Developing & Sustaining Resilience

Topping up your resilience reservoir

How often do you top up your reservoir? ‘Think of  a reservoir high in the mountains of central Wales.  At one end of the long submerged valley is a dam with the technology to control the flow of the water.  The rest of the lake is the most evocative and powerful combination of natural features – […]

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