Leadership Values Assessment

Our values determine the way we live our lives.  Consciously or not, we are driven by our values.  As leaders, we are judged for our integrity: the extent to which the values we articulate in words are also evident in our behaviour.  When we are forced to take action that undermines our values, our sense of self suffers, often leading to stress.

Many school leaders came into the profession because they want to make a positive difference to the lives of others, but it is possible to be so focused on acting to meet the needs of others, that we forget to look after our own needs.

The FREE personal values assessment provides you with an introduction to the 7-levels of values consciousness model and will help to determine whether you pay attention to values at all levels of the model.  With the support of a consultant trained in the use of the centre’s Cultural Transformation Tools, you  can also undertake a Leadership Values Assessment which will provide 360 feedback on how visible your values are to others.  You may also be interested in undertaking a whole school values assessment.