Sustaining Resilience for School Leadership

One-day workshops for headteachers: new dates coming soon

Too busy to find time to stand back?  Juggling too many priorities?  Want to ensure a sustainable future for your leadership? This workshop is for you.

In his book, Rethinking Educational Leadership,  John West-Burnham uses the metaphor of a reservoir to illustrate the impact of leaders constantly giving of themselves to others. ‘The deeper the reservoir, the more can be given, but eventually even the deepest reservoir will begin to run low’ …   ‘Effective leaders’ he says ‘need strategies to ensure that their reservoirs are regularly filled’.

Many leaders know this, yet find it difficult to prioritise their need for renewal when other issues seem so much more pressing.  The aim of the current workshop is to provide school leaders with an opportunity to invest in themselves so that they have something in reserve when others are flagging and tempers are frayed.

Based on extensive research, summarised here in Susan Young’s NAHT blog the workshop provides opportunities for learning, discussion and reflection in pleasant surroundings at an affordable price.

The day will help you to understand why it is often difficult for leaders to prioritise their own needs, and provide you with strategies to develop habits which build resilience.   In a supportive group of  your peers,  you will have the opportunity to explore:

  • What we mean by ‘resilience’ and why it matters
  • Models of resilience for leadership
  • The connection between emotional resilience, health and well-being
  • Habits of thinking and behaviour which may undermine resilience
  • The place of values in sustaining or undermining resilience
  • Strategies for increasing resilience
  • Next steps in sustaining resilience for yourself and your school

What are the benefits?

Increased resilience means more sustainable leadership, a greater capacity for supporting others and increased focus on prioritising the important over the immediate.

Comments from participants on previous resilience programmes

‘Thank you Julia. I have returned to work today with a new vigour and determined to change (nudge) my behaviour to make me more effective’  Primary headteacher, Somerset, following one-day workshop

‘I have very much enjoyed the programme and despite my scepticism, have found it beneficial.  I do believe that resilience can be grown.’ Gloucestershire headteacher, following  year-long team programme ‘Sustaining Resilience for School Leadership’

‘The content couldn’t have been more relevant …a lot of good pertinent and perfectly facilitated discussion and great strategies for self management forthcoming’ Section Leader, Bicton College, following ‘Being the best you can be: building resilience for managers’