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To explore Resilience in greater depth

Watch an interview about resilience in School Leaders which Julia did with NAHT Edge.

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Sustaining Resilience for Leadership: Stories from Education

Sustaining Resilience for Leadership - book cover

Teachers’ workload and wellbeing are hot topics, high on the government’s recruitment and retention agenda. The workload, wellbeing and resilience of school leaders is too often taken for granted.

Julia draws on her experience as a leadership coach, as well as her own leadership experience, to illustrate how unconscious habits of thinking and behaviour can hijack our best intentions as leaders. Practical exercises support those who may ask ‘what can I do if this applies to me?’ and Karen McMillan’s illustrations provide a memorable summary of key points.

‘This book will help leaders at all levels, with all degrees of experience, negotiate this difficult but important challenge’ – Jill Berry, Ambassador for Leadership Matters

190pp, with illustrations. £14.00

Available in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon or in paperback from John Catt Bookshop

Useful PDFs

Download this checklist (pdf) to assess how much attention you pay to things that support emotional resilience
Download this information Traits and time management to help you consider whether your instinctive patterns of behaviour might be having an impact on how you manage your time
To download papers and articles, click on the links below (pdfs):