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Great challenge for March.  Let’s share memories.  Recalling positive memories makes us feel good.  In fact, the impact on our brains is similar to the experience itself.  Recalling positive memories stimulates the brain to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter which is linked to feelings of happiness. You may know that chocolate (as well as dates, bananas […]

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Developing resilience: begin with the brain

If you read my last contribution to #teacher5aday you will know that my mission is to support leaders to look after themselves in order to increase their capacity so that they have more energy for leadership and indeed for life.  If you think you’re making your best decisions after your 6th cup of coffee and […]

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The Delights of Dublin – city of a thousand welcomes

‘Are you going to offer your research on emotional resilience?’ asked my very good friend when the call for papers for the 3rd EMCC Research Conference arrived. ‘Hmm, I might’ I responded, trying to sound nonchalant and feeling slightly anxious at the thought. ‘I tell you what’, I said, ‘I’ll offer my research on one […]

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