School Values Assessment

‘Children are the living messages we send to a world we shall not see’ –
Neil Postman

What values will your children take into the future?

In an education system which is judged by academic results and dominated by league tables, as in the UK, school values can sometimes fall out of the picture.  The maxim  ‘you manage what you can measure’ has never felt more apposite.    The good news is that now you can also measure your values. 

Message StonesThe Barrett Values Centre’s school values assessment allows systematic analysis of your community’s values. As a school leader you can now assess objectively the extent to which the values you espouse are being experienced, and how closely those values align with individuals’ personal values and the values they want to live by in school.  The resulting report will not only help you to move forward as a school, it also provides hard evidence for Ofsted of the impact of the values your school promotes.

The online survey allows you to compare results from different groups (e.g. parents, staff, governors, students, different teams within school). The data prompts conversations, which can build trust, improve communication, and deepen understanding.

For further details of support and costs, please download the relevant information below.  For information about special schools, please contact us.