Embedding Your Values

Organisational values

The Haygroup refers to ‘discretionary effort’; the Values Centre talks about ‘social capital’. Whichever way you look at it, you’ll achieve more from those you work with when everyone is pulling in the same direction, committed to a common purpose, and when that purpose is one which everybody values.

To what extent is your organisation ‘values-driven’? Do you know how far the values espoused are experienced by those further down the chain of command? According to Richard Barrett’s latest book, The Values-Driven Organisation, understanding employees’ needs—what people value—is the key to creating a high performing organization. Pay will only take us so far. When our workload is intrinsically rewarding, we carry it more lightly and give more of ourselves.

Any community benefits from having clear values to define itself and guide its behaviour. How have you defined your organisation’s values? Did you discuss with senior leaders, present them to staff and ask for buy in, or did you start by asking every member of the community what their top personal values are, in order to understand what drives your workforce?  I can support you to do the latter. As an accredited CTT (cultural transformation tools) consultant, I can help you gather the necessary data that whether the climate your workers experience is motivating them to give of their best, and what might need to change to encourage them to give more. If your values are already defined, are you sure that they are experienced throughout the company as well as by your customers and shareholders? What evidence have you? We manage what we measure. The cultural transformation tools provide a measure of the degree to which your values are experienced by all your stakeholders. As an experienced group facilitator I can help you to unpick the detail behind the data, and support you in creating a values-driven organisation.

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