Developing and Sustaining Resilience in Leadership

Everyone agrees that resilience is important in leadership.  Is it something we are born with? Something we develop through experience?  Something we can learn? The answer to all these questions is ‘yes’.  Early life experience and relationships, the environment we currently work in, our own understanding of ourselves and how we react to the demands of others, all have an impact on our ability to be strengthened by testing times.  With practice and support, resilience can be developed.  At best it is sustained by paying attention to physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. The demands of leadership can at times feel overwhelming, particularly when ‘everyone wants a piece of you’. I focus on emotional  resilience, because it’s when our emotions overwhelm us that we stop seeing things rationally and lose our sense of proportion.

All our programmes are based on research evidence.

‘Resilience – and psychological fitness in a broader sense – can also be learned, and enhanced.’
Sinking and Swimming: Understanding Britain’s Unmet Needs, Young Foundation, 2009

We provide support in the way that best suits your needs.  Whether you’re seeking one-to-one coaching, a brief awareness-raising session for a group, day-long workshops or a full 9-month programme for groups. Contact us to find out more.
‘Excellent session.  Well led.  I would recommend it to others’  Academy Manager, Plymouth College

Like any behaviour which you want to sustain, building resilience doesn’t happen overnight.  It means commitment to developing new habits.  Our Sustaining and Developing Resilience in Schools programme has proved successful in sustaining those habits.  It can be adapted to meet the needs of  NQTs, middle leaders, senior leaders or those in headship. Please contact us for further details.  This is what clients have said at the end of the 9-month programme

‘I have very much enjoyed [the programme] and despite my scepticism, have found it beneficial. I do believe that resilience can be grown’   SS, Headteacher

‘I now give myself permission to take “me” time’  SL, Senior Leader

‘I’m trying to remember everything doesn’t have to be perfect’ BH, Middle Leader

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For resources to support work on resilience, go to our resources page