Coaching for System Leaders

In a climate of high accountability and increasing demands, taking time to consider the best way forward with the support of a coach will pay dividends. A good coach is an impartial partner who will challenge without judging, ask the un-askable questions, and hold a space for you to do your best thinking. Unlike friends and family, your coach has no vested interest in your future, beyond that which you identify for yourself. You can off load some of the emotional pressures which the job inevitably involves, reducing the risk of contaminating other relationships with your concerns.

‘As a Headteacher juggling conflicting priorities and often seemingly insurmountable obstacles to realise ‘the vision’, coaching with Julia Steward has enabled me to take a more strategic and objective view and create the ‘out of the box’ solutions so necessary for success. The non-judgmental and totally confidential nature of coaching has allowed me to articulate thoughts and issues in a way that is completely liberating. Coaching is not an indulgence but rather an opportunity to reflect and refine in order to move forward and innovate.’ Headteacher, Poole