Coaching for Clergy

Like many people in leadership positions, clergy – and particularly parish priests – can find themselves isolated with the challenges they face. Sometimes the people round them are the very people who are contributing to their difficulties. Perhaps even more than those other professions, clergy feel they should be able to cope. After all, don’t they have God on their side? Of course, but then so does everyone else in the Parish!

I have worked with clergy at different stages in their ministry. Experience suggests that sharing difficulties with someone outside their immediate support network has its advantages. Unlike your colleagues, I have no preconception of how a parish priest ‘should’ be. I do know that falling short of our own ideals is merely part of our God-given humanity. I will listen and not judge and create a space for you to do your best thinking.

I operate on a reduced fee for those working in the church. Please contact me for further details.

Julia’s insights and expertise proved enormously helpful – her challenge to reflect on my unique contribution to ministry offered me a good framework to reflect on my ministry… [Her] reflections on my personality and motivations offered some valuable material that I have taken to explore further in spiritual direction and am finding very helpful. Reverend SG, Devon